Is It OK to Smoke Weed With Wax on Top Out of a Regular Bong?

It is OK to smoke weed with wax on top, though in my opinion that is quite a waste of your wax! In a pinch this will work, but you are just giving yourself a mildly concentrated bowl. You would be far better off vaping the wax in a dual coil or ceramic vaporizer (if you don’t have a concentrate piece of course) and keeping the flowers to use separately.

The proper way to go about smoking wax on flower is to first make sure you have a reasonable sized diameter bowl for your pipe (this is not really going to work with a one-hitter). You will want to fill it and pack it down. Then, place the wax on top of the flower, ensuring that you spread it across the flower as uniformly and as thinly as you can.

You want to do this so a glob of wax does not fall right through into your pipe. Now, hold the lighter close without touching the wax. Let the wax melt into the flower, taking care that it does not start to boil/vaporize. Once the wax has spread throughout the flowers, start with a “corner” of the bowl and let things burn slowly (they will now that your flower is glazed in wax). Voila!

You can now smoke your wax on the flower without burning off too much of it or letting it drip through the flower into the pipe. Still, a bit of a waste in my opinion, but I know those who enjoy it.


Yes! You can put wax or oil on top of cannabis flowers and smoke it using a bowl, however, i would recommend vaporizing wax if at all possible. You would want to vaporize the wax because it is far more efficient as you may be wasting some of the wax by burning it off.

Combustion of flowers occurs at approximately 450°F- while wax combusts at approximately 320°F so you would be burning some of the wax off before the flowers begin to burn.

Have you tried the VapeXhale? This vaporizing machine works well for both wax and flowers: (edited)


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