Is it ok to take cbd oil multiple times during the day and still go to work?

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Yes. CBD is non-psychoactive so it won’t maked you stoned or impair you the way that THC does. "A study in the British Journal of Pharmacology found that CBD lacks the psychoactive effects of THC because it does not act on the same pathway in the body as THC. CBD also has the ability to reduce the high caused by THC. A Frontiers in Psychiatry study found that CBD can counteract the negative effects of THC, which could help medical marijuana users quell the high associated with cannabis."

I encourage you to check out this article on our website which highlights the differences between CBD and THC.



I agree with Melissa and you may want to know the ratio so that you do not experience a ‘high’ at work. Your CBD to THC ratio should be at 8:1 or higher with the CBDs for you to feel normal at work. If you drop the CBD lower than 8 or raise the THC higher than 1 to 8, you would likely experience some degree of psychoactivity and as you know you cannot be high at work or even driving to and from work. It takes regular use of CBDs and you should notice in about 1 month you are better and in 2 months you likely will be significantly improved.


As Melissa and Dr. Olson have both pointed out, CBD is not known as psychoactive, although some people with anxiety find pure CBD preparations generally calming. It is also remarkably non-toxic, with no harmful-to-humans amount having yet been identified. There is an uncontrolled real world study going on right now as thousands and thousands of people are taking CBD oil at every imaginable dosage for every imaginable condition, and now that cannabis is being studied more seriously for its medicinal properties I expect we may know more about how to use it, including specifically CBD, in the near future.


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