Is it ok to use cannabis while taking antibiotics?

"I just started taking rifampin and clyindimycin for my hidradentitis supportivia, and it is working wonders. I use marijuana edibles to help with severe nausea from having stomach issues. Should I be concerned about an interaction between the antibiotics and the marijuana?"

There has been no reports that I know of interactions between antibiotics and cannabis. There have been some evidence that cannabis itself has some anti-bacterial properties itself. With more reports of resistance of bacteria to common antibiotics, cannabis may be found to be a viable substitute for traditional medication. MOre research needs to be done however before I would suggest abandoning the traditional treatments.

Perry Solomon, MD

This is a great question as many people make the assumption that there is no interaction between cannabis and other drugs consumed at the time. I have included a link below from drugs.com which lists a total of 602 drugs that are known to interact with cannabis.

I did some reading on this topic to better understand how drugs may interact with cannabis and found an interesting fact. When combining two drugs suchg as cannabis and a a specific antibiotic it is important to know whether the effect may be "additive" or "synergistic". Additive implies that the two are added together such as 1 +1 = 2. Synergistic implies that the two compounds will create a magnified effect when put together. A great example of synergistic would be THC combined with alcohol, the effect of the THC is doubled and the effect is much greater.

Unfortunately, other than forums on the topic, I was unable to see any information/research on this topic specifically. I myself have taken antibiotics and CBD at the same time with no ill effect, however that is anecdotal and not exactly research. Many people are touting marijuana as the new natural antibiotic, but this is a different subject entirely!

These opinions are my own, I hope this helps.



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