Is It Safe To Use CBD Oil While Nursing?

“I would like to keep using a CBD oil that does not contain any THC while breastfeeding. Does CBD pass through to the milk and if so, does CBD pose any risks to nursing infants?”

We have touched on this subject previously regarding cannabis use during pregnancy as well. For nursing while using cannabis there are “studies” and opinions from both side that you can find as to whether it effects the infant in any way.

Marijuana is secreted in milk with a reported milk/plasma ratio of 8:1. In one study of 27 women who used cannabis daily during breastfeeding, no differences in growth, mental and motor development were noted in this study population. Most studies suggest a significant absorption in infants following exposure via breast milk. Since the measure is usually of THC, the CBD content was not mentioned, but can assume there is CBD present.

While an analysis of breast milk samples in chronic heavy users revealed an eight-fold increase in accumulation in breast milk compared to plasma, the dose obtained is still insufficient to produce clinical effects in the infant. It may be, however, sufficient to alter long-term neurobehavioral functioning. Infants exposed to marijuana through breastmilk will test positive in urine screens for long periods of time (2-3 weeks)

This also touches on the fact that if your baby for some reason has their urine tested and it is in fact positive for cannabis, the pediatrician will most likely report this to police/child protection etc.

The main point being that some of the cannabis will be in your breast milk and will be fed to you child. Since you do not know the end result that this will have one your child, do you want to take that chance?

Perry Solomon, MD

Current research suggests that cannabinoids are passed through breast milk to children and can result in negative side effects for babies. CBD is an amazing cannabinoid and has been shown anecdotally and through new research to successfully treat a variety of medical conditions. Many of these conditions may be present or even become more difficult during pregnancy. Anxiety, for one, can often magnify during pregnancy and after birth due to fluctuating hormones. Nausea, is another condition that is often ever present during the first trimester of pregnancy as well.

But, what specifically do we know about the affect CBD may have on breastfeeding mothers? Unfortunately, there is little to no research on how CBD may affect a baby during breastfeeding. There is some research that indicates that THC becomes more concentrated in breastmilk, which is transferred to the baby. What is interesting, is that breastmilk naturally contains its own cannabinoids, which the baby ingests. These cannabinoids are thought to stimulate the desire to suckle and appetite development. They are also thought to help protect neurological development of a newborn.

Preliminary studies have shown that CBD has had no effect on developing embryos, however this study was done on mice. That said, there is no clinical study on the short or long term effects of ingesting CBD oil while breastfeeding.

These thoughts represent my opinion only.

Cannabinoids in breast milk


Hello, the effects of CBD components on infants are still unknown (little to no research done on this subject) ( Binnian Wei, James E. McGuffey, Benjamin C. Blount, and Lanqing Wang); athe therefore, I would not recommend to use any cannabis products while nursing since it can potentially affect neurodevelopment of a newborn.

Binnian Wei, James E. McGuffey, Benjamin C. Blount, and Lanqing Wang. Sensitive Quantification of Cannabinoids in Milk by Alkaline Saponification–Solid Phase Extraction Combined with Isotope Dilution UPLC–MS/MS. ACS Omega 2016 1 (6), 1307-1313 DOI: 10.1021/acsomega.6b00253


Hello there!

I couldn’t find a lot of research on this subject, that is a very interesting question. While research is lacking, most doctors agree cannabis should NOT be consumed while nursing. As you may know, the breastfeeding diet can directly affect your baby.

I’m not a doctor myself, but here’s an article that states it is probably a good idea to be cautious as well as nursing tips in regard to cannabis use. I believe there are also articles that state there are issues with marijuana use in teenagers.

Maybe look into some other holistic relaxation methods with less potent chemicals, such as teas or aromatics!

Is Cannabis Safe for Breastfeeding Moms?


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