Is it true that marijuana will help my endurance when I exercise?

"I am both a long distance runner and swimmer and I have heard from several fellow athletes that they either eat an edible before an intense workout or vape. "

This is a tough one to really answer;

However some things to consider for yourself, since everybody reacts to marijuana and its side affects completely differently, are these:

  • The dosage of the edible, many come in 30mg up to 100mg. Depending on the potency some may give you a push of energy while others may couch lock you. As always, start of small and work up.

-The strain: Indicas are what make you feel the couch lock, sleepiness that people often associate with weed; however this isn’t always the case. Sativa on the other hand is said to be uplifting and more of a "head" high then a body high; which is what I would recommend using prior to a workout, like I said previously, Indicas can cause sleepiness. Finally, there is a middle; called a hybrid which is often a 50/50 split between a Indica and a Sativa; these are often formed (and most common nowadays) when breeders cross an Indica dominate strain with a Sativa; the rest is simple logic.

-Tolerance: Finally your tolerance will play a big role, if you are a moderate to heavy smoker– I say you should be fine. However if you are one of those people who smokes a blunt every once in awhile; I would suggest no. However, this is really your call.

Overall, just be smart and be safe. I hope I helped!



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