Is medical marijuana legal in Texas?

Cannabis will not likely become legal in Texas the way it is in California. It is a different way of viewing the world, what it means to be a free human being and what it means to be well, what is a drug and what is medicine.


The best thing to do in Texas at the moment, would be to push for medical cannabis support as we have had in California since 1996. There is ample evidence as to why this is necessary and beneficial to sick patients in Texas.

I personally don’t believe that states should get to far ahead of the federal government anyway, as it creates further problems down the line and invites intervention by the feds. Read my blog post on Prop 64 for more details on why I feel this way. https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/580e6623b3a976000a79dfa9/why-i-am-voting-no-on-prop-64


Unfortunately, marijuana for any purpose, whether medical or recreational, it not legal in Texas. As a result, you cannot purchase/use marijuana products of any kind in the state. If you will be in California at some point, you can obtain a medical marijuana card through HelloMD. This would allow you to legally purchase and use cannabis products whilst in California; but again, you would not be able to return to Texas with these marijuana products.


Please, do not buy cannabis in Texas because it could be a set up since cannabis is illegal in Texas but I believe you could acquire hemp.


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