Is smoking the whole plant product the cheapest way to consume CBD?

It sounds like you have already found out that CBD cannabis is expensive to purchase but I think you will find it’s hard to grow and the yield is low and that is if you can even get your hands on seeds or a plant that is high in CBD. The dispensaries are not there to gouge us but they must be paid fairly so they can also pay the grower and processor of the plant. CBD cannot be smoked or you destroy the CBD but it can be vaporized and you can make your own tinctures or edibles. Shake does tend to have high CBD so that is another source of CBD. Once you realize how valuable CBD can be, you may not mind paying more for high quality organic CBD. It only takes a small amount of THC to activate the CBD.
CBD cannabis stops all the inflammation in the body and it is not toxic even up to 700 mg. If you have any inflammatory disease such as cancer, autoimmune disease, diabetes or chronic arthritic pain I highly recommend that you do oral and topical CBD so you also can experience the amazing results of this potent medication.


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