Is the medical marijuana the same as what I smoked as a teenager in the 80s?

"I wanted to know if weed today is stronger, addresses specific needs, has different effects, etc…"

For a variety reasons, the answer to your question is yes, but allow me to expand a bit:

The average content of THC and other chemical compounds in cultivated plants has changed quite a bit. Cannabis is easily cultivated and hybridized these days to develop strains with very specific characteristics and concentrations of the various cannabinoids (chemical compounds in the plant).

The average concentration of THC in recreational strains has increased significantly over the past few decades due to cultivation techniques and demand.

Medicinal cannabis is cannabis used with the intent to treat medical symptoms. There are many preparations to choose from and despite strain concentrations, you can find products with a wide range of chemical profiles. Some with high concentrations of THC and some with much lower concentrations.

Products should be chosen based on their therapeutic effects and the users sensitivity to the side effects.

Some users are very sensitive to the effects of the plant while others can tolerate much higher doses.

Higher concentrations of cannabinoids may translate into smaller doses, but each individual needs to determine dosing that is optimal.

I would caution you to start with lower than recommended dosing of all products if you are new to cannabis or returning to cannabis after many years of non-use.

Medicinal products should be lab tested and labeled with ingredients, and cannabinoid concentrations so you can determine the impact and adjust your dosing optimally.


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