Is the Moxie Meds 4:1 tincture psychoactive?

"I am looking for something for daytime stress relief that will not effect me at work."

4:1 and psychoactivty, a personal experience-
I used to have a very high tolerance to THC when I was much younger, meaning I could medicate and still function and have focus throughout the day. In the last several years I have become very sensitive to THC, so sensitive that I tend avoid it unless it’s balanced out with significant amounts of CBD. When I first started taking Recovery 4:1 during the day I didn’t feel "high", what I really felt was the absence of stress and anxiety. People who usually function throughout the day on coffee and anxiety alone will understand that the absence of that hectic energy can feel pretty euphoric! I’ve been taking the 4:1 every night for a long time now. This not only keeps CBD in my system on a regular basis to help with anxiety and overall wellness, but it has also built up my THC tolerance enough that when I take a few drops of 4:1 during the day it helps take the edge off without making me slow down all together. I like to tell the newbies to take the baby steps, one drop at a time, as it’s worth finding out what will work for your individual needs.


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