Is there a difference in drug interactions with cbd oil vs. cannabis?

I am seeing many similar questions these days. Cannabis contains a hundred cannabinoid compounds of which CBD is one. The only clinically significant drug interactions that occur with any frequency with cannabis involve concurrent use with depressants like opioids, alcohol, benzodiazepines etc. These have additive effects that can cause the appearance of dizziness, nausea, dysphoria, which are unpleasant but not serious and subside within a couple of hours with no lasting harm to the body. CBD alone would be less likely to cause this interaction, but insufficient clinical experience has been reported to say anything more definite. The other theoretical drug interaction is competition for breakdown in the body. Cannabinoids use metabolic pathways used by other medicines, so in theory drug levels in the body could be affected by taking them together, and CBD and THC do differ slightly in this area. But in practice this is rarely, if ever, reported, and I wouldn’t worry unless using very large amounts.


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