Is there a list of known pharmaceutical drugs that have a negative interaction with cannabis?

No not to my knowledge. Pharmaceutical drugs have a wide range of side effects that can cause serious organ damage, neurogical impairment, rashes, death and on and on. Countless people die every year from pharmaceutical drugs, while cannabis has never caused a death in recorded history. No substance is completely harmless, as water drunk to excess can cause death. The DOSE is the poison.


Yes, there is potential for side effects and interactions if you combine cannabis with certain medications. You may check for drug interactions with cannabis on the internet at Cannabis Drug Interactions and that will come up with drugs.com where you can search your potential drug interaction with cannabis. Often the Pharmaceutical drugs must be reduced but you must maintain contact with your physician if you are planning to use a medication that interacts or interferes with Cannabis. The potential interactions include BP medications as well as blood thinners, psychiatric drugs, pain medications and there are other potential interactions you want to monitor when you are on cannabis.


Please, check with drugs.com for any drug to drug as well as drug to cannabis interactions. We do know that cannabis does tend to interact with blood thinners, antidepressants, antihypertensive medicines as well as others so please, be aware of drug interactions but cannabis is very safe and you may choose to use cannabis and request help to wean off your other drugs slowly so you can start to improve your health but your doctor must be an active partner in helping you.


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