Is there a product good for ED?

Pharmaceuticals for ED like Viagra work by directly affecting the blood vessels as opposed to increasing sensuality or sexual drive. Cannabis does not have those direct effects on blood vessels, but unlike Viagra it can change the mental and emotional context and the way sensuality is perceived. These are "high level" effects, and for some people they can contribute greatly to their sexual experience. Of course, such effects can also be distracting, and set and setting and dose are typically the most important aspects of using cannabis to enhance sexuality. ED can be the result of many different conditions, some of which are intimately connected to the mind and emotions rather than nerves and blood vessels. Without knowing more medical history I can only suggest that cannabis might be helpful, but I would suggest using it with your sexual partner as an overall enhancer of sensuality rather than as a pharmaceutical method of inducing an erection.


I agree with Dr. Elkind. Although cannabis won’t directly improve penile blood flow, it may increase sensuality, which in turn may possibly improve performance. Although the "Passion" formula by dosist.com won’t directly improve penile blood flow, it was formulated to "…deliver a euphoric feeling designed to increase sensuality and heighten your sexual experience." Additionally, because there are varying causes of ED, I recommend that you consult your primary care physicain or urologist to help determine what treatment would be most effective.


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