Is there a recommendation of a type/brand for fibro and back pain?

"I’m not looking to get high, just pain relief. I’m new at this."

Hello there! Fibromyalgia is a tough illness to deal with but also to treat so let me let you know how much I empathize. In my past training in pain mgmt and sports med/ rehab, I have discovered that a multi-modal approach is essential. Truthfully, the literature has no robust studies with sufficient patient numbers to state if a certain type/ strain is best for fibromyalgia pain. The physicians at HelloMD have specific recc’s but one must keep in mind this is based on personal observation/ anecdotal evidence. Given my research background, I read a fascinating study the other day looking at the molecular biology of the endocannabinoid receptors; I won’t bore you with details but what they mentioned has guided my recc’s to patients. Basically, it looks like there is an "entourage" effect (words of the paper writers) in that if you use mult. different cannabinoid types (the study looked at both cbd and thc) there seems to be synergy! So that would be my recc; explore different COMBINATIONS of cannabinoids in differing concentrations/ %’s to optimize symptom relief. In addition, I would speak to your MD about two other modality arms for fibro Tx: 1) a gentle, daily exercise or movement based therapy (I’ve been telling patients that water aerobics or tai-chi would be a good start) 2) Because fibro seems to also involved higher brain functioning for the overactive stimulation of nerves, some sort of behavioural training seems very very important so ask your MD about things like Cognitive Behavioural Training (CBT), Dialectic Behavioural Training (DBT), Gestalt therapy or anything along those lines. I hope this helps and I pray you feel better!


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