Is there a vape pen that has Canna-Tsu extract?

"I want to try this strain, but I don’t like to have to grind and smoke bud. I would prefer a vape pen option."

Canna-Tsu is a CBD-rich hybrid strain created from Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami. It may be helpful in the treatment of anxiety, inflammatory disorders, chronic pain, seizure disorder, and insomnia.

Several companies have prepared oil extracts which can be vaporized, including PopNaturals, The CO2 Company, and Shatter Tanks. It is available in a syringe which can be used to fill your own vaporizer tank, or in pre-filled cartridges. You may want to go to these vendor’s websites to see if it is available in a dispensary near you.


While we don’t currently offer a Canna-Tsu Vape Pen cartridge, W Vapes does have a Cannatonic cartridge with pure, premium cannabis oil and it’s very high in CBD. Canna-tonic is one of Canna-Tsu’s parent strains (along with Sour Tsunami).

Strain info @ Leafly:

W Vapes Cannatonic Oil lab results online:

Our website has a retail locator, so you can find the MMJ collective carrying W Vapes closest to you:

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