Is there an ideal flower for productivity?

"I work in a high-performance tech startup environment, where my workdays entail a blend of extreme concentration, strategic thinking and creative marketing work. I’ve used CBD capsules with some success for concentration and stress management, but are there hybrid flowers I should consider for this "Goldilocks" blend of prolonged calm focus, creativity and strategic thinking?"

You’re looking for quite the flower! On a certain level, every strain effects everybody differently so what works for one person may not work for another person. From a personal standpoint, I tend to prefer the 1:1 THC:CBD strains that lean a bit more towards the Sativa side of things when I am working heads down on a big, project that requires a strategic and creative focus. I might suggest that you try a few different phenotypes of In The Pines. Nothing too strong on either the head or body side of things.


I’ve had good luck with Blue Dream – though I’ve noticed it’s a bit THC heavy at times. I might recommend vaporizing some Blue Dream or a similar sativa along with taking a tincture under the tongue of 4:1 CBD:THC. Be aware that the tincture will take anywhere from 15-45 minutes to kick in, so you may need to play with the timing!


We get this question frequently since a lot of people are looking for the same thing as you: a flower that alleviates  stress while at the same time boosts creativity. We’ve heard rave reviews from our customers that the following flowers of ours fulfill this need: Cactus Cooler, Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel, and Jack Herer.


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