Is there any cannabis product out there that will help with lupus and fibromyalgia?



I'm sorry to hear about the lupus/fibromyalgia! There are a plethora of products that could be useful. For quick acting general analgesia/pain control and anxiety/mood management during the day, one could use vape-pens or tincture drops diluted in hot tea/coffee/soup. Make sure that along with CBD that there's a decent dosage of THC as well for the "entourage effect" seen at the receptor. Most fibromyalgia patients have problems sleeping and so I would also suggest micro-dosed edibles (still a decent amount of CBD but slightly increased amounts of THC and other sleep-inducing cannabinoids like CBN). Fibromyalgia requires a multi-modal response; in the past I've always suggested that patients have cognitive behavioral therapy and a mild physical therapy/exercise regimen daily in addition to medical cannabis. Patients should also refer to sites like to further educate themselves on their condition. Patients should also start omega-3's for anti-inflammation.


Yes offcourse. I have had a client with a similar condition who used a suitable recommened strain to be better today. You can tect me at 3033512578 if you are interested to know better