Is there any reason to believe that vaporized cannabis might cause harm to a skin graft?

"I am wondering if cannabis could help in healing my skin graft, but my doctor is worried about unknown side effects."

Are you thinking about using a cannabis salve or balm? I’ve used them in the past with great results, but if your skin is raw, or has open wounds, I am not sure how your body would react.


I have heard great success stories of people using high THC oils (sometimes called Rick Simpson or RSO oils), mixed with a carrier like high quality organic coconut oil, doing wonders for various skin issues including moles, lesions, cancerous cells, eczema, etc… I’ve never heard of side effects before, though I would avoid smoking cannabis in any form during the healing process. Doing a Google search for ‘cannabis skin graft’ returns some interesting articles and anecdotal stories. Good luck!


Look into cannariginals 420 emu essentials. I prefer the gold one. It is the best topical I have found so far and should assist in the healing process


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