Is there scientific reasoning for choosing whichever essential oils to include?

"How did you decide on the oils you’ve chosen to include in each of the pens? Were they chosen primarily for their flavor/aroma profiles or are they chosen primarily because they complement the effects of Sativa/Hybrid/Indica respectively? Or was it a mixture of both?"

Great question! The initial intent behind the essential oils we chose was primarily the physiological effect of each one. We wanted to create products that would reinforce the expected feeling that people have when they choose various types of cannabis. Once we selected a palette of oils to choose from for each effect, we tried different combinations to maximize both effect and flavor profile. From dozens of potential formulas we narrowed down to ENGAGE (peppermint, lime, cypress and cinnamon) to uplift and energize, DEEP (lavender, chamomile and orange) to soothe and relax, and Balance (frankincense, ylang ylang, tangerine and geranium) to refresh and restore, and the testimonials we’ve received from patients all across the state have indicated to us that our approach has been very effective.


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