Is this product non-comedogenic?

Hi there!

Unfortunately, that topical is likely very comedogenic: It contains coconut oil and emulsifying wax, which are both comedogenic. However, it is difficult to find non-comedogenic creams; even those that claim their cream is non-comedogenic, a quick inspection of its ingredients will very likely contain oils that are comedogenic. Even still, that topical lists coconut oil and emulsifying wax very high on its ingredient list, so it is likely very comedogenic.

The following oil also has coconut oil; however, it is listed near the bottom of the ingredient list, so I doubt that it is comedogenic. Do not worry that it is labeled "Natural Sleep Cream". This, and all topical creams (not patches), will not cause psychoactivity, and thus will not make you sleepy. They label this cream for sleep because "The calming fragrances of citrus and lavender help soothe and calm the body".

Hope this helps!


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