Is this the best cannabis sex lube out there?

"What are the other option? I want to buy the right thing for my girlfriend. I don’t want her first experience with this to be a dud."

This is the very best one currently available on the market. All our patients rave about it, and my girl loves it! You and your girlfriend won’t be disappointed! Your can learn more and watch some video reviews here https://greendoorwest.com/products/foria-pleasure … Have fun!


As a Foria team member, I might be a little biased ;-). But I will tell you this: Foria Pleasure is a first of it’s kind sensual enhancement oil. We take great care to provide you with high quality products. Our product contains pure cannabis extract and 100% natural liquid coconut oil (MCT oil). Our cannabis oil is extracted using leading-edge solvent- free pharmaceutical grade processes that provide extracts in their purest possible form. To ensure the cleanest and safest final product possible we test Foria at multiple stages in the process. We test for potency, pesticides, residual solvents and microbials.
Foria Pleasure comes in a nice glass bottle and box and looks and feels elegant.


Our very own @Perry Solomon, MD & @pamelahadfield talk about Foria Pleasure in the video below. Here’s an excerpt of their discussion:

Pamela Hadfield: … cannabis can actually enhance somebody’s sex life. Not every strain of cannabis is going to help you have better sex, and not every product is going to help you have better sex. But there are certain products out in the market today that will.

Dr. Solomon: What products are these?

Hadfield: … One is called Foria Pleasure, and it’s a sexual enhancement lubricant for women. … And it basically warms up the area and gets people in the mood for sex.

Dr. Solomon: How does it work?

Hadfield: Well, I think for many people, they want to relax, they have a sense of anxiety, and also cannabis has been shown to increase the frequency, the duration and the intensity of orgasms. So sexual lubricant for women is actually a great way to go because there aren’t many products … that help enhance sexuality for women.

Play the video to find out more:


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