Is this vape pen bad for lungs and throat ? Would edibles be better? Low sugar and fat content.

I’ve posted 2 different articles for your viewing pleasure. When doing my own research, I like to pool together as much information as possible but more importantly check the resources of where the information is coming from.

Although there is limited information on the subject, studies that have been conducted report that vaping should be less harmful when compared to smoking because of the minimal combustion found when you light up. Vaping does still run the risk of potential respiratory issues along with oral and lung malignancies given the heating mechanisms and additives found in the carrier solutions themselves.

Vape’s offer a faster delivery of cannabis effects vs. edibles which have a longer onset and duration. Although I am not sure of the sugar contant, there are many different forms and types of edibles.

I do suggest discussing your health information and treatment goals with a HelloMD provider to further investigate your options.

Is Your Vape Pen Dangerous? Read This To Find Out


Is Your Vape Pen Dangerous? Read This To Find Out


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