Is vaping cannabis really that much healthier than smoking it?

"Are vaporizers for wax and flower worth the price? "

Hello! I typically recommend vaporizing over smoking. Vaping is usually considered safer than smoking cannabis because the patient is not breathing in the hot smoke which also contains toxins of combustion. Vaping is a newer technology so we don’t have much information on the long term effects. The vapor concentrates that you might find in a vapor pen or e-cigarette type device could be processed with toxic chemicals. It’s best to check with your dispensary so that they can inform you of what potential toxins are in their products. I recommend to choose cannabis products, including vape concentrates, that have been laboratory tested to exclude toxins such as molds, yeasts, pesticides and other contaminants. In lieu of concentrates, vaporizing the cannabis flower may be the healthiest option out of these methods. If health is a top concern and the resources are available to purchase a vaporizer, I do recommend it. Best of luck!


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