Is whole plant THCa proving to be better at healing our immune system when you have an autoimmune disease?

We have over 600 clients, and we are now seeing that many of them are interested in and seeing positive results from THCa for arthritis, neuropathy and auto immune diseases.

We began researching with our vendors and partners and listening to the testimonials about THCa, and as a result, we partnered with Apollo Tinctures to create a customized line of tinctures to serve our clients. We included a THCa tincture in our Winter Starter Box and it is also available individually on our site: https://www.octaviawellness.com/shop#/product/pain-and-inflammation-thca-tincture

In addition to our own Octavia brand, we special order more concentrated solutions for our clients who require more cannabinoids

Here is SOME research we had found about THCa:

In 2011, study results were published in Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin Vol 34 revealing anti-inflammatory effects of cannabinoids including THCa for potential treatment of arthritis and lupus. In 2012, a study was published in Phytomedicine that showed THCa demonstrated neuroprotective properties including significantly increased cell counts. Imagine the potential THCa could have for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases! There was also a study in the British Journal of Pharmacology in 2013 showing THCa to have anti-emetic and anti-nausea properties for treatment of nausea and appetite loss.

More scientific research is needed to completely understand THCa and the health benefits packed into the leaves of the raw cannabis plant. Regardless, a growing number of patients are finding THCa to be effective with or without the research.


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