I've been diagnosed with raynauds syndrome in my hands plus peripheral neuropathy feet! Is this something

"Is this something that can help? When my fingertips are inflamed it feels like I’m being burned from the inside out"

I have a friend with Raynaud’s who has been getting a great deal of relief using high-CBD oils (ingested) and THC/coconut oil (topically). She is a nurse, and has found little relief through traditional (western) meds. This combo, however, has had miraculous effects for her!


I believe it would be well worth it to try out a topical like Sweet Releaf for your conditions. We’ve had a number of patients say they’ve used it very successfully for neuropathy in the feet. Apply it once or twice a day for at least a week to really see how effective it will be for you. For the raynauds syndrome, I think it would be helpful too especially since it seems one symptom of this syndrome includes feeling coldness in the hands or feet. Our experience is that once you apply Sweet Releaf, you will usually feel a warming of the area within 5 to 10 minutes, followed by a loosening up of the area, and then a reduction of the pain which may last for several hours and sometimes much longer. I hope this is helpful and that it works for you! Cannabis medicine in general is often a trial and error experience so please go ahead and experiment freely until you find what really works well for you.


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