I've been following Foria for a while and have quite a few questions that I haven't seen yet:

"1) I’ve always had difficulty orgasming (even with myself) and only seem to occasionally manage to finish. Does Foria tend to work as both a clitoral and vaginal stimulant? Or is it more of an all over body aphrodisiac?

  1. I unfortunately have a tendency to get yeast infections. I know it’s been said marijuana decreases the chance for yeast infections, but has the same been found for Foria?

  2. Does Foria tend to be absorbed in the skin within the 15 minutes or will some transfer to my partner as well?

  3. Is Foria compatible and safe for oral involvement?

Thank you!!"

Great questions!

  1. Foria does work locally (versus as a whole body aphrodisiac), so when you spray it on your vulva/vagina, that’s where the enhanced sensation will be.

  2. Foria is made of coconut oil and THC oil, both of which seem to help some folks with yeast infection relief or prevention. Everyone’s body is different though.

3/4. I’m combining 3 and 4 because they’re somewhat related. Foria takes about 25 minutes to absorb, and even then, your partner could get some in their mouth if they go down on you after Foria has been applied (each spray is 2.5mg THC so treat it like an edible and dose accordingly). Foria spray is not readily absorbed by circumcised penises, for partners with penises, they probably won’t notice much of an effect, if any. For partners with vulvas, they could notice some effects, but it would take them 25 minutes to kick in as well. If you want to make sure your partner doesn’t come in contact with Foria, use an oil-compatible barrier like nitrile or polyurethane condoms/gloves/dental dams.


Great answers Ashley! Thx ๐Ÿ™‚

I thought I would repost this answer from another question just to elaborate more on question number 4)…

All three Foria products are all-natural, non-toxic, so though that is not the intended use, yes you can safely consume FORIA Pleasure, Relief and Explore orally. I myself, as a FORIA Pleasure ‘power user’, like to enjoy 6 to 8 sprays vaginally and two sprays under the tongue – each spray is around 2.5mg of THC. However, each individual’s body chemistry and cannabis tolerance is unique to you and you alone. We encourage first-time users to go slowly and experiment with dosing to find the perfect formula that works with your body for you.

The cannabis industry shows the average person’s Edibiles doseage to be around 5-15mg of THC. Yet we’ve had some patients come to us saying one Foria Relief suppository(60mg THC, 10mg CBD) made from organic, liquid coconut oil (MCT oil) and CO2-extracted cannabis oil, taken orally, is their new favorite edible treat! Again, to each his own. ๐Ÿ™‚

Making the Foria lubricant safe for oral consumption was actually an influential factor when the initial ingredients were being chosen during product formulation. Many of the ingredients you find in drugstore lubes contain chemicals that really should not be consumed. We believe that in this kind of intimate environment and with the sensitivity and absorption rate of the vaginal area, anything you are introducing vaginally into your body should also be safe to consume orally, since these two areas of the body often – shall we say – ‘connect’ during the average bedroom pleasure session.

Just be careful not to do this… https://broadly.vice.com/en_us/article/what-happens-when-you-drink-an-entire-bottle-of-weed-lube! But thank you Ms. Mira of VICE, now we know!


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