I've been through 3 pens in the past year, what makes yours worth the investment?

pens aren’t real vaporizers, especially if used for herb. its just a coil burning your material. the cloud evo is specially made for botanicals. comes with heb baskets so your material won’t burn or even make contact with the heating element. also if its for concentrates the nails make it really easy, no more timing or waiting, if the glass shows green its ready to go. i reocmend getting a hydratube with it.

but ya try a real vaporiser and you wont want pens again.

sicne i got this vape its my choice everyday.


We have a three year warranty as well as a money back guarantee. The Vapexhale EVO was designed to be complimentary to a pen vape and works on completely different technology. Pens have the heater coil in direct contact with the oil/flower which is essentially like grilling or frying your concentrate. The EVO uses hot air to sublimate the oil/flower to create a much smoother, tastier, and more potent inhalation. You will also use only about 1/3 of the amount that you use in a pen for the same level of medication. That is the value of our heating methodology.


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