I've had nothing but success with the FireFly 2 but I have one question.

"Can cigar style puffs, even when I’m on low like with flowers, ramp up the vapor production or is it best to stick to the "long slow draws"? (which by the way are still awesome). "

This is truly a matter of preference– which, in my opinion, showcases one of the most awesome traits of the Firefly2; it is extremely customizable to an individual’s tastes. Speaking just from my own experience, I prefer to experiment a bit with different temperatures and different materials.

You will find that cigar style puffing may produce more clouds, but it does depend on the material in the bowl. I personally enjoy the relaxing moment of a long, slow, and deep inhale when using flower, and I generally reserve using cigar style puffs for concentrates. But the Firefly2 allows every member of our FireflyFam to personalize their experience. So, experiment away!

I am sure you will find many ways of usage that will appeal to you. And, I am so glad to hear you have had such success with the FF2, and have found a vape you love!!


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