I've heard conflicting reports on whether a CBD-dominant product is really best for sleep.

"In my case, too much THC actually keeps me up. Can I ‘mute’ that in some way with CBD? Looking for Ambien replacements…"

Try a low-dose THC product. 2.5mg or 5 mg might be right for you.

Another way to counteract the effects of THC is to use a 2:1 ratio. CBD to THC ratio. For example, once a week I suck on a 1/2 a candy that is 100 mg CBD/50 mg THC, with my dose for the night being 50mg CBD/25mg THC.


For some patients, CBD can cause feelings of alertness, or inhibit sleep. For others CBD does not have this effect. This may be one of the reasons for the conflicting information you have come across. In my own experience with patients, about 25% experience this "alerting" effect of CBD.

During our consumer testing for the Sleep formula in the hmbldt dose pen line we tried a variety of cannabinoid profiles and terpene blends to find the best Sleep solution we could. In consumer testing the highest ratings of efficacy were for the 8:1 THC:CBD formula with a Myrcene-rich terpene blend, vaporizing1-3 doses of the formula. As Dr. Ross notes in a previous answer smaller doses of THC, whether vaporized or ingested orally can be a good choice for people seeking the benefits of cannabis while avoiding some of the side effects.


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