I've read that you can use a marijuana oil for women's sexual pleasure. Does this really work?

The good news is that THC is not harmful for the mucosal lining in the vagina, and women can and have used marijuana oil for the purpose of enhancing sexual pleasure. The oil typically comes in a spray bottle which can be applied directly or by hand to the clitoris and outer and inner labia. Like most things, the results are mixed.

Those that notice an effect have described it as producing a tingly sensation. Some women have noted stronger orgasms and/or multiple orgasms while using this product. On the other hand, some women have experienced no effects whatsoever while using the product and even suggest that it is "bunk" or a "gimmick."

One complaint is that the patient is directed to wait 30-60 minutes prior to sexual activity for optimal effect, which affects spontaneity.

Also, latex is not compatible; so condoms may not be used.


One comment regarding Dr. Edmunds answer is that while latex condoms are NOT safe when used with a oil based product (increased risk of breakage), polyurethane and nitrile condoms ARE safe to use when practicing safe sex.

Perry Solomon, MD

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