I'ved used edibles for a year. Last week I vomited violently for 30 min after taking it. What happened ?

Obviously, your body did not like the edible. What was in that edible?
Violently throwing a product out of your body is your body’s way of saying, ‘please don’t eat that’!

When you partake of an edible please, pay attention to the instructions and only take 1 dose.

The circulation from your stomach goes directly to the liver so when you eat an edible, it goes into your stomach but the digested products are shifted to the liver and we know the cannabis will be changed into Delta 11 THC and for many people, Delta 11 THC is dysphoric and the body reacts negatively.
Your reaction could also be due to other products in the edible and that’s why I am encouraging you to know what’s in your edible.

Did the edible contain anything you know you will react to negatively?


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