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"My recommendation was for Jayden’s Juice, but it’s not available in Huntington Beach. Is there something else like it that I might be able to find easier? I’m sorry if this is a dumb question, but this is all new to me.


You may go to Jaydensjuice.com to see where they deliver in your area or have them ship to you but usually your local dispensary will have an equivalent product if you just write down the specifics like a 28mg/1ml of CBD in a MCT oil or a 28 : 1 ratio.
I believe Care By Design may be releasing a similar product so there are reputable companies coming out with excellent products and there are great Mom & Pop businesses making excellent products as well. Consult with your local Bud Tender.


It appears you are seeking a high CBD oil. Jayden’s Juice is well reviewed and I know people who have really liked it. Jayden’s Juice was developed for an epileptic child who had seizures, so it was developed specifically for that condition. Are you seeking a high CBD product or specifically an oil? There are many products on the market that are high in CBD and low in THC. As the doctor mentioned Care By Design specifically developed this but there are many other brands as well. Pay attention that you buy from a reputable dispensary and always make sure that they do lab testing on their products so that you end up knowing that the products are free of pesticides and that they are what they say they are. This is an unregulated market.

Keep in mind, that the highly concentrated CBD oils such as Jayden’s will be more expensive as well. The other thing I would say is that you may see when you do research there are many high CBD oils made from hemp. The reason people choose a cannabis product with THC in adition to CBD is that they want the ‘entourage effect’ which means that all the different cannabinoids, or chemical compounds, within the cannabis plant work together to provide a better medicine.

Hope this helps!


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