Just got my medical marijuana card and have yet to visit a dispensary. Any advice?

"Please everyone, tell me what I should know? What strains are "uplifting" as opposed to making you feel lethargic? What is a decent mg amount for edibles? I just tried dab recently, don’t know if my method was too barbaric would like more info on that stuff. If you feel it’s important to know-then please post your more experienced thoughts for me. Thanks."

Generally the folks working at the dispensary will be able to answer your questions. With cannabis becoming more and more popular, they are pretty used to people walking in and knowing little-to nothing about cannabis. No question is a stupid question and I’m sure the dispensary workers will be happy to help.

Uplifting strains tend to be sativa dominant strains and indica dominant strains usually produce a body high that can sometimes make you lethargic (This link goes into more detail about this: https://www.hellomd.com/answers/57ad426a157a27000b990682/what-are-the-differences-between-the-effects-of-sativa-and-indica). Blue Dream is a popular hybrid strain that tends to lean towards sativa and is good for beginners.

The right dosage amount for edibles depends on the person and their experience with cannabis. In my own experience, 10mg is a standard amount (this is usually what is available per piece of edible in dispensaries) and 40mg is very strong. If I were you I’d err on the side of taking less, seeing the result, and then taking more if needed. For example, you can cut a 10mg edible in half, take it and wait to see the results.

This article goes over some dabbing basics that you might find helpful: https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/is-dabbing-good-for-you

Good luck!

Danielle Lim

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