Liver health – amongst tinctures, drinks, edibles, etc..?

"I’m wondering given how many different forms of cannabis you sell if you have received any feedback as to which are healthiest for the liver?"

I’ll comment on this question as regards to cannabis and the "healthiest" choice for the liver. I’ll leave Dixie to comment of their specific products.

Over the years there have been multiple studies as to cannabis and the healing effect that it can have on the liver. One of the latest showed that smoking cannabis did not accelerate the progression of liver disease in patients with HIV-Hepatitis C. (

The metabolism of THC to 11-OH THC takes place in the live as well. When a edible is used the liver metabolizes the THC. When cannabis is used under the tongue topically or administered rectally, the cannabis avoids this "first pass" metabolism and goes directly to the various organs. So these ways of using cannabis MAY be less taxing on the liver, but there is are no studies that can confirm this.There have actually been some studies that show that CBD2 can have some healing effect on damaged liver that has been caused by cirrhosis.

Perry Solomon, MD

Vaporizers are the healthiest way to consume due to the fact that they are not processed through the liver. They eliminate tar, carbon monoxide, soot, and harmful carcinogens associated with smoking. Additionally, they are healthier for respiratory fitness and eliminate secondhand smoke.

Research indicates that frequent cannabis smokers report improved respiratory health after switching from smoking to a vaporizing system.
Many doctors support vaporizers as the ideal method of consuming marijuana. (in smoking form).

Edibles ( and Tinctures ( avoid lung irritation altogether!


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