Looking for cannabis (not just CBDs) that induces sleep, but NOT anxiety

"I am suffering from severe insomnia and looking to use cannabis to sleep, and taper off the pharmas. Problem is – pot generally gives me anxiety and sometimes even panic attack. I’ve tried heavy CBD strains and haven’t noticed any effect. Are there any powerful strains that DO NOT result in anxiety, for those prone to pot-induced anxiety? Thank you!"

Hi, I tried the cbd’s for chronic insomnia, had to go to something stronger, I found you need to stay away from sativa strains, some hybrids ( which has is a crossbreed; the sativas and some hybrids can cause anxiety)but use any indica strain to help with sleep. Research some of the different types within the indica strains and you’ll be able to see if one makes you sleepy or relaxed, there’s a huge field to choose from, educate yourself
about the different types and that way someone doesn’t sell you something you don’t need!


Something to remember is that there is a difference in being able to go to sleep and to stay asleep. They each can use different types of cannnabis. For difficulties going to sleep a tincture or a vape pen will have a faster affect and allow you to fall asleep. If you have no issue falling asleep but then wake up several hours later, then an edible may be the way to go. This is because an edible can take 1-2 hours to kick in and will last several hours. The effect also depends on what you have eaten for dinner and how long you take it before going to bed.
I also suggest keeping a sleep journal where you keep track of what you ate (briefly), what type of cannabis you used, how you slept and what you felt like in the morning. You can titrate what you used to the effect that you want.

Perry Solomon, MD

My favorite "sleepy time" strains include Bubba Kush, Zensation, Grape Ape and 9 LB Hammer. It was definately "trial and error" to find ones that work well, but they have been a game changer for me. Good luck!


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