Looking for some advice re: liver cancer...

"My step father has recently been diagnosed with cancer of the liver and bowels. He just started his chemotherapy today. So im just looking for some advise on products and dosages for treatment and just general feeling shit. He's new to cannabis but obviously willing to try anything that might help him. Thanks in advance.


Hello, I'm truly sorry for the tribulation you, your stepfather and all of your family are going through. I can personally relate to the emotional toll such an ordeal must be taking and I truly commend you for taking an active role in your stepfather's care.

It is most likely that the primary tumor originated in the colon, then spread to the liver. While there are no clinical trials regarding the treatment of colon or liver cancer with cannabis, there was a preclinical trial performed in Italy which showed that activation of the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, triggered cell death in colon cancer cells. In fact, preclinical trials have shown similar results regarding liver cancer and several other tumor types. http://clincancerres.aacrjournals.org/content/14/23/7691.

While the evolving literature continues to show the potential role cannabis may have in directly treating various cancers, cannabis' role in improving the quality of life for cancer patients is incontrovertible. Cannabis can help reduce the nausea, anorexia and pain caused by the cancer itself and/or from its treatment. Cannabis can also improve mood and sleep, while reducing the anxiety and despair universally experienced by cancer patients with a poor prognosis.

I do encourage you and your family to consult with a medical marijuana physician to customize a safe and effective treatment regimen. Without knowing the specifics of your stepfather's history, doing so would not be possible.


However, I would likely tailor a regimen involving a steady delivery of THC and CBD throughout the day, such as an edible; while also having a "rescue" treatment on standby, such as a vaporizer pen; and finally a nighttime product to help with sleep. A reasonable regimen for many would be as follows:

  1. http://kivaconfections.com/products/bars/espresso - which delivers 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD per serving. Those without a THC tolerance should cut each serving in half before determining whether or not a 5mg does led to any adverse effects, such as elevated anxiety. I would likely recommend one dose every three to four hours.
  2. http://dosist.com/pen-bliss/ The "Bliss" formula by dosist.com would help with any nausea and/or poor appetite if the Kiva edible were not sufficient. Just as importantly, this formula was specifically formulated to boost the mood, which is something most every cancer patient can benefit from.


  1. http://sensiproducts.com/product/sensi-chew-100-indica-for-nighttime/  This product delivers varying cannabinoids and 10mg of THC derived from indica and accordingly would likely be effective at reducing anxiety and pain, while also improving sleep quality and duration. Although, as with any cannabis product containing THC, start slowly, as the 10mg of THC/serving this product contains can overwhelm some patients. Also, this product should not be taken concurrently with the Kiva chocolate. The Kiva product would be for daytime, while the Sensi Chew would be for nighttime.

I hope this helped some. I would also be more than happy to meet with your stepfather so that we can more properly tailor a treatment regimen. My thoughts are with you and your family. Truly, Dr. Kim