Marijuana and its effects on the eyes?

"Hi there,

I just had a quick question regarding marijuana and it’s possible effect on the eyes. I have been using edibles for sleep and anxiety only in ghe evening. Lately I have had slight twitching/pulsing sensation in both eyes from time to time. I have a pretty hectic work schedule but have been on vacation resting for a week, so I don’t know if it’s stress or fatigue or if it’s connected to marijuana. And, of course, if it is something to be concerned about. Just wanted to see if this was a common symptom."

Eyelid twitching is actually quite common. If you have never had this before it is often associated with stress, lack of sleep, caffeine, alcohol, allergies or sporadic and is benign. If other parts of your body also begin twitching with muscle weakness you may want to get this looked into. Side effects of cannabis; however, can be muscle twitching. Therefore see if you can make the association with any of the benign causes or when you are using cannabis.


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