Marijuana safe with anti-coagulation meds?

"I’ve been prescribed blood thinners (Eliquis) for blood clots in my leg and lung (DVT/PE). I’ve seen that marijuana can act an anti-coagulant, and I am concerned about the safety of using while taking Eliquis. Does anyone have any experience or references to reliable sources about the safety of marijuana use while on Eliquis or similar meds?"

It is true, CBD cannabis the part of cannabis that makes your health improve can interact with your blood thinner and your blood thinner or your CBD medication may need to be adjusted down to keep your INR perfect and to reduce your risk of an unexpected bleed.
I also encourage you to do a drug to drug interaction check with any drugs you take, even part time and the need greatly increases when you are taking 4 or more medications because the risk has been proven in clinical trials now you need to see the danger you are accepting with prescription drug use. Please check for interactions at www.drugs.com or with your pharmacist.
Another word about prescription drug use, you must inform your PCP before you stop or change any prescription drug you have been given unless you have actually reached a pre-determined stop date, like an antibiotic. If you have decided you need to stop a prescription drug please, see help from your PCP to get off the medication successfully.




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