marijuana verses 500mg Keppra for seizures?

IMHO, I wouldn’t stop taking the Keppra. However, this is not to say that cannabinoids can’t help with some of the negative sequelae/ side effects of the medication and possibly have anti-Sz activity as well. I have given recc’s to patients for this reason but always add the caveat that pt’s must still cont. to see their neurologist or MD and not stop their first line medication The current state of the literature that I have read so far seem to indicate that cannabinoids look PROMISING as an anti-epileptic but future research still needs to be done; these studies all point out that we can not and should not use several well-publicized anectdotal cases that have been seen in the media to assume that we have found a "cure"; may I also point out that seizure activity oftentimes is a result of causes such as blood vessel abnormalties, brain masses/ lesions, infectious disease causes, or other etiology/ causes yet another reason why patients with seizures should still continue consulting with their MD. I hope this helps


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