Medical Marijuana or CBD oil for tremors?

"I have severe Essential Tremors in my hands and do not like side effects of traditional meds associated with Essential Tremors. I’m in NY where MM is legal. Not sure about CBD oil. Suggestions? Thanks"

Here is an excellent answer to your answer, provided by Dr. Sherellen Gerhart:

The Endocannabinoid system that is present in our own bodies plays a partial role in voluntary movement. There is a relatively high concentration of CB1 receptors in the Basal Ganglia and related structures. This is the part of the brain mostly commonly affected in Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders.

Surveys of patients with movement disorders (average age over 65) show reported improvements in bradykinesia (slow or halting-type movements), muscle rigidity, and tremor with use.

A small study done in 1986 showed Cannabidiol (CBD) produced some reduction of dystonia (inappropriate movement/a type of spasticity) at doses under 300mg/day. This is much higher dose than generally recommended for CBD but, does indicate a large therapeutic treatment window for cannabis. The average dose of CBD that demonstrates perceivable changes in symptoms ranges between 2.5 and 20mg.

More recent studies (past 6 years) show varying responses to treatment with THC and or CBD, but when surveyed, Parkinsons’ patients consistently report improvement in subjective symptoms with cannabis use. Regular use at lower doses seems to be needed to sustain benefits.


While Parkinson’s and Essential Tremor are considered separate diagnoses, the movement origins for these diseases have some common biological pathways.

The International Essential Tremor Foundation addresses this issue in more detail and the article is worth a review:

More study is still needed, but I recommend a trial of CBD concentrated products to determine personal benefit. Keep notes to determine response to treatment and better titrate your dosing. You can find concentrated CBD elixirs or tinctures at many dispensaries. Consider starting with a 2:1 or 4:1 ratio of CBD to THC or higher if you feel sensitive to the THC effects.


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