Might a rectal cannabis suppository help pudendal neuralgia pain?

"And is there such a thing as cannabis cream that can be used rectally, instead of a suppository?"

It might. Rectal cannabis suppositories have been gaining more acceptance as people realize that this delivery method is easy, pain free and avoids the "first pass" metabolism, for the most part. This means that the cannabis avoids becoming metabolized in the liver, where it is metabolized by other routes before helping the patient.

There have been no studies for pudendal neuralgia and cannabis suppositories however. It has provided anecdotal relief to patients suffering from chronic sciatic nerve pain and well as low spinal pain. Foria is one product that has been used to help treat many pelvic type pain syndromes.

Application of a cream, other than on the skin around the anus, may prove more difficult then inserting a suppository however.

Perry Solomon, MD

I’m trying to find out what I should use instead of my pharmaceuticals for chronic back and sleep, anxiety and to help with bipolar symptom s. I don’t want to get high or paranoid or get the munchies


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