My 18-month old dog, a GSP/Border Collie mix has had 3 grand mal seizures in the past week.

"The vet took bloodwork and prescribed Keppra for the seizures. She is scheduled for a brain scan next week. When I brought up the use of CBD she dismissed it. I found that odd as there are many anecdotal stories of CBD being really helpful with humans with epilepsy. Are there any studies regarding the effacey of CBD as a relief from seizures in canines?"

Many doctors and vets are just not educated in cannabis, so when you bring it up as a discussion, they dismiss it. Many people are using CBD for their pets that have seizures and are having good results. I am not aware of any studies done with canines, but I have had a couple of members that have used CBD tinctures and have had good results with their canines and have found that the frequency and duration of the seizures have lessened quite a bit. Here is an article from Leafly.com on the subject https://www.leafly.com/news/health/this-dogs-seizures-are-being-treated-with-cbd-d82e
There are a number of companies that are making pet specific CBD products for pets.


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