My 4yr old Johnson American Bulldog tore her ACL 2 weeks ago. Will Treatibles help her?

"She is not a candidate for surgery because she is so active and she doesn’t know the word "keep calm" for 8 weeks after surgery. Anyway, looking for something besides anti inflammatory pills for long term use. "

So sorry to hear about your pup! Treatibles are used by thousands of customers to help ease their pets’ inflammation and general pain. Our chews are not a save-all here like reconstructive surgery may be, but the active hemp-derived CBD can help reduce the pain and swelling from her injury. We always suggest speaking to your vet about any adjustments you’re looking to make in your pet’s recovery efforts. If you have any further questions, respond below or feel free to call us directly at (415) 579-2230. Wishing you the best!


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