My husband just returned from serving overseas and is very anxious. The doctor's are treating him for PTSD.

"He doesn’t like the drugs they are prescribing. The side-effects are horrible! Some of his friends are using marijuana and having great results. Do you recommend this? Should he smoke it? What strains are best for PTSD? I’ll do whatever I need to do to help him feel better and to get my "old" husband back."

I have treated several patients suffering from PTSD that have found cannabis to be helpful for their condition. As you state that he is very anxious due to his condition, I would recommend indica strains. Indica tends to be sedating and relaxing and is also helpful for sleep. If your husband has depression as a component of his PTSD, an indica dominant hybrid containing some sativa may be helpful.

I discourage smoking cannabis, as the products of combustion (carbon monoxide, tar, carcinogens) contain compounds that may be harmful to one’s health. Vaporizing is a great shorter acting alternative to smoking as are oral tinctures. Edibles are much longer acting and are therefore helpful for patients also suffering from insomnia.


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