Is Kiva Chocolate a Good First Edible to Try?

“My mom has trouble sleeping. Would Kiva chocolate be a good first edible to try? Is this better taken before or after dinner (for insomnia). Thanks for your advice!”

I’m jumping on this thread, as my mother just asked me to suggest a good edible to relax before bed. As a person that has NEVER tried cannabis, I want to be sure to start her off with something incredibly gentle. I’m thinking the chocolate covered blueberries for nighttime?


Any Kiva chocolate product I’ve tried ultimately ended with me feeling relaxed and having great sleep.. For a beginner, always do a low dose and wait 45 minutes if they dont feel anything. A 10mg dose is plenty for me, but my brothers girlfriend started with a 5mg dose and was right where she wanted to be. Id recommend starting with 5mg. The chocolate covered blueberries are good, just remember to tell her not to eat more than needed! They are delicious but not a candy haha


If you take these before dinner, you’ll find you have stronger, faster effects as your stomach will be empty. If you take them after dinner, they will digest with your food and it will take longer (thirty minutes to ninety minutes) for you to experience the effects. As with all edibles, we recommend starting with a 5MG dose until you find the perfect dose for your condition. Also note that Kiva’s products contain hybrid strains – so if you have sensitivity to sativa, you may find them stimulating. If you don’t have sensitivity to sativa, you will find the indica experience from Kiva products is appropriately soporific. Good luck!


Though we have no trouble falling asleep, my boyfriend and I both have trouble staying asleep — invariably he and I will wake up in the wee morning hours (somewhere between 3:30 and 5:30 am), our minds racing as we start filing through the hundred and one things we need to do that day, week and so on. That said, we’ve both used Kiva chocolate-covered blueberries (just 1 each) with great success. More recently, we’ve switched to the Kiva Petra mints which are only 2.5 mg per mint. I typically only take one at bed time, while my boyfriend takes 2 (for 5 mg total). If I’m having a particularly stressful week, I’ll also take 2 mints — I like the flexibility of being able to go from 2.5 to 5 depending on that night’s needs. They not only work great for us, but they taste great too.


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