CBD, THC and Indigestion

Question: My mom is taking a low dose of CBD ad THC and is experiencing indigestion. What can she do?

Answer: To help her indigestion, she may not want to eat or swallow her medicine–it can be taken as drops under the tongue, a spray in the mouth or it can be smoked as fresh but especially with the vaporizer. If she does a tincture she most likely will not wanted in alcohol because it’s too hot and may make indigestion worse.

Common reasons for indigestion

The most common reason for indigestion is calcium deficiency but do not take extra calcium supplements, eat greens in the diet. The reason people are calcium deficient is not from lack of calcium it is from lack of vitamin D. We are all vitamin D deficient in less you’re taking significant supplementation. Vitamin D is not a vitamin it’s a hormone and it is essential for your long-term health. Some families have a vitamin D receptor snap that makes them unable to bind the vitamin D so they have to be more consistent is taking a daily dose otherwise, vitamin D is fat-soluble and the person can take a weeks supply all at once with a meal that has fat in it. Many people with indigestion have been put on proton pump inhibitors but they are dangerous because they cause the person to become more nutritionally deficient when what that person really needs this most likely digestive enzymes to help the nutrition not hinder the nutrition.

In addition, as we get older we can develop a diaphragmatic hernia, also called a hiatal hernia and if it bubbles up through the diaphragm it gives tremendous indigestion that can be cured in a matter of minutes by pulling the stomach back down under the diaphragm. She may need to see a good osteopathic physician or chiropractor to teach her how to pull the stomach down and it will give immediate relief.

Do not drink liquids with your meals because it overfills the stomach with liquid, diluting the digestive enzymes and more likely to cause hiatal hernia problems.

Try these things, if she still has problems she may want to contact me because I have a lot of secrets up my sleeve from 45 years of clinical experience doing nutritional medicine with patients. She may want to obtain her genetic chart to see if she has a vitamin D receptor problem.

Lots of things to do to correct this problem but it is correctable without drugs and surgery almost always but that is not what will be presented to you by the doctors employed by your insurance company. Good luck and be determined to get to the underlying cause.

Methylcobalamin is a form of vitamin B12 that is well assimilated and also helps to correct B12 deficiency that can result from Western medications and the lack of stomach acid.

I look forward to hearing how your mother responds to this treatment.


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