My name is shane and have multiple injuries causing pain and headaches

"Looking for something other than pills"

Hi Shane,

I’m sorry to hear about your injuries, pain and headaches – That sounds very uncomfortable. I would start by asking where is your pain? I’m assuming you are having body pains and if that’s the case I would start with some topical creams – putting the cream right on where it hurts.

Since you are looking for something other than pills (again i’m assuming they gave you some opiates for the pain) I would recommended trying a strong indica to help with pain, like smoking some Grand Daddy purple. Also, CBD / THC tinctures would do wonders for you at this time.

Here’s a few articles to back up my suggestions! Let me know if you need anything else.

Strains for Pain //

Topical for pain //

CBD / THC tinctures //

Hope this was helpful!

  • Nurit


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