My wife has burrsitus and has tried several dry flower face off seems to work well but hard to find

Hi there!
Everybody responds to cannabis strains differently, so it’s great that your wife has already tried a few. Face off is a 50/50 hybrid with about 20% THC and no CBD; 5th avenue is a very potent indica strain with about 25% THC and no CBD. It seems that your wife responds to potent levels of THC.

So, here are a few heavy and potent strains to consider:
Grand Daddy Purp
Northern Lights
God’s Gift
Chocolate Chunk

However, most strains have been bred to contain the highest amounts of THC possible, which is why most strains — such as those above, and the ones your wife has responded to — have very little, if any, CBD.

So, I also recommend that your wife try a few CBD strains. Very high CBD strains, such as ACDC (20:1), will likely not contain enough THC content for your wife. So, here are some CBD strains with a more balanced THC:CBD content:
Harlequin – a 3:1 hybrid strain

Harlequin – a 3:1 hybrid strain
Sweet and Sour Widow – a 1:1 indica strain
Pennywise – a 1:1 indica strain
Cannatonic – a 3:1 hybrid strain

Hope this helps!


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