Naprosyn & Asprin not allowed. Can I smoke a joint during this time?

"I’m having an epidural for my sciatic and have been told that I can’t have naprosyn or aspirin for 7 days prior. I’ve read that THC is an anti-inflammatory, does that mean that I can’t smoke either?"

Smoking can cause increased sputum production; it is recommended to stop smoking cannabis for several hours prior to the surgery. It’s very important that if a person is regularly using cannabis that they make sure they let the surgeon know, so the he/she is aware of all of the medications you’re taking, including cannabis. Smoked cannabis increases cough and sputum production, so it not a good idea to smoke prior to a surgery. Instead, choose a method other than smoking like tinctures, edibles or vaporizing, since vaporizing has 70% fewer irritants than smoking.


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