Need advice for chronic pain

"I’ve tried a bunch of different things for my chronic pain with zero success. I suspect I’m not using the right strains (I’ve been doing packaged edibles) or a high-enough right dose. I could use some advice on things to try! I prefer vaping with cartridges, pre-made edibles, or tinctures. (ie not smoking loose stuff) I don’t mind THC (ie, doesn’t have to be CBD-only) but I don’t like being very high.

Cream works wonders but only lasts about 2 hours, and not all of my pain is muscular-near-the-surface.

I also have severe anxiety (which I also haven’t found a cannabis fix for) so Sativa isn’t ideal.

Thanks for any advice!"

Have you been consistent with taking high CBDs at least 1 time per day? Get lots of CBD into your system and apply your CBD topical every hour during your waking hours and treat your spine where the nerves come out for better pain coverage and in about 1 week you will greatly reduce your pain level. Too much THC increases pain, anxiety and sleep disturbance but CBD is a great balancer for high THC. I do not advise edibles when your medication is so important because edibles require perfect digestion and absorption for effectiveness. Sublingual lozenges, strips, tinctures and vaporizing would likely be a little more reliable. You may not feel the CBD internal medication for up to a month depending on how much inflammation you need cleaned up but by 2 months you should experience considerable relief. You could start with AC/DC or Harlequin vaporized for faster relief. This has worked for me and it combines well with a high THC Sativa microdosed in the daytime followed by high dose CBD 1 hour before bedtime.


As a person with multiple sclerosis, spinal disc issues, a ton of nerve pain and other pains, plus depression/anxiety, the first thing I would recommend is using indica, not sativa! Or, at least a hybrid that is heavy indica.

For me, sativa causes more of the head high that’s great for energy and creative thinking, but not for pain and relaxation! In fact, I’ve found sativa causing me more anxiety at times without touching my pain like indica does.

Regardless of what Doctor Sahron Olson is recommending, try to find out what other patients are using for troubles similar to yours.

And just try indicas next. The "high" isn’t as pronounced and relaxation comes easier leading to feeling tired and sleepy. This is a plus for those of us who have insomnia at times as well.

Good luck!


When I say ‘high CBD’, I am referring to a level of CBD that can help medically and off set or balance THC, like an 18:1, 20:1, or even higher. THC can increase pain but THC is helpful so you can use CBD at a higher level than the THC to produce therapeutic results with the CBD but it will take time before you feel the effects, about 1 month. If a person uses Sativa with high THC during the day, one can achieve deep restorative sleep after Sativa by using a high dose CBD tincture 1 hour before bedtime. Or you may prefer smaller doses of high CBD taken approximately 3 times per day and Indica at night for deep sleep. Cannabis, especially the CBDs can facilitate your wellness.


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