Need full details on using CBD (minimal THC) to treat diabetic neuropthia?

The peripheral neuropathy that occurs in the course of diabetes, often in the lower extremities, can be difficult to treat and often doesn’t respond fully to the usual medications. Although there have been many patient reports of benefit from cannabis, there is little published clinical science to guide treatment recommendations. The general lack of toxicity of cannabis, especially CBD, make it reasonable to try it, especially if other measures don’t provide relief. The “full details” you seek are still just folk medicine, not protocols based on clinical science. Cannabis seems to offer many patients a reduction of symptoms when taken by smoking or eating it, and some people find particular benefit in preparations extracted from the plant with particular CBD:THC ratios. I have also had patients report topical cannabis helpful, although I have no idea of how many also tried it without benefit. I would approach the issue systematically, beginning with preparations with a 20:1 CBD:THC ratio, and recording the amount taken and results. If you use the vape pens this is fairly easy. Working down toward 1:1 remember you are varying both the ratio and the amount being taken. You are seeking reduction of symptoms without undesired effects, and the only way to find the right preparation will be through cautious experimentation. I wish you success.


My first question would be this: is there any specific reason you are aiming for mainly CBD and little THC? The limited medical literature/ research that I have read on the use of cannabis for neuropathy looked at mainly the use of THC. In fact, based on my own clinical experience, having a healthy dose of THC seems to be helpful and also help in others areas often influenced by neuropathy symptoms, (i.e. sleep). However, your case like any other patient may be different than those seen in my past practice; the beauty of cannabis is that it empowers to pt to titrate doses exactly for symptom mgmt. I suggest this approach: try a product with a healthy dose of THC but not enough to cause issues if taken in too large an amount (try 1:1 or even 2:1 or 3:1 ratios of CBD to THC). The key will be in the dosing; in the example of a tincture or vape-pen, choose an oil cartridge or tincture prep that has a low total mg of cannabinoid (most products have the cannabinoid mg total listed on the label). Also consider cann. topical products; there’s a cannabis infused epsom salt for a nice foot soak that might help w/ neuropathy from MakingYouBetterBrands.com. However, most epsom salts usually have a warning for pts to be careful if they have neuropathy; make sure the water is not hot & use small amounts at first. Other topicals are good; also continue to work on lowering your A1c% (neuropathy can be linked w/ later vision loss and kidney failure from diabetes)


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